Vinnie Bevivino

Seed and Cycle

About Us

For two years, Seed and Cycle has helped advance urban and sustainable agriculture in the Baltimore region.  We’re excited to transform our work, and offer more products and services than before.  We are distributing and selling garden and farm supplies for organic and natural growers.  This includes fertilizers and soil nutrients, natural pest management, cover crops, and much more.  We just finished organizing a bulk order, but if you are interested in ordering supplies in the next couple of months and you would like more information contact us and check out our price list.  A new price sheet and order form will be coming soon.  We will also have a limited supply of our most popular items that can be purchased at the Chesapeake Compost Works facility when you pick up your compost.  Here is what we have in stock now.

Much of our work during the first two years was building hoop houses.  We no longer offer hoop house construction.  However, we have published “Constructing Hoop Houses”, a step by step manual written by Vinnie Bevivino.  You can purchase the manual here, and please contact us for a customized and detailed material list.

Finally, we’ve started a very exciting new venture – Chesapeake Compost Works.  This is a food waste composting facility located in southern Baltimore City, already taking in lots of food scraps and chipped wood and transforming that into healthy, fertile soil.

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